What is BANDED's H.A.I.R. Program?

We're teaming up with local artists to bring you the trendiest hair styling tips and tutorials! Our new H.A.I.R. or Hair Artist In Residence Program allows us to feature the talent of up-and-coming Hair Artists who create beautiful hair styles - from simple updos to elaborate braids. 

We wanted to partner with women and other experts in the field so we can give back to our #Banded2Gether community with on-trend tips and tutorials. While we know great hair accessories, these Hair Artists know great hair! 

Every few months we will collaborate with a new artist and highlight their work as an Artist In Residence. This will allow us to change up the styling approach, the expertise, and the lens of creation to give you fresh styles and trend setting looks!



1. Thanks for joining us as our very first H.A.I.R. Hair Artist in Residence! Did you always know you wanted to be a hair stylist?

"Going into High School, I wanted to be a teacher like my mom. But once I started cheering and helping my sisters get ready for school, I fell in love with doing hair. It just became the one thing I could never learn enough about and never got tired of."

2. I noticed your Instagram handle is @big_sister_braids; do you have some funny sibling stories to share around styling your younger sisters' hair? 

"My youngest sister, Rhett, is 10 years younger than me. When she was in pre-school, we started braiding her hair into 6 braids at night so that in the morning it would be wavy and my dad wouldn't have to do anything to it.  The first day trying this, we picked up Rhett from school to find that she still had 6 slept in braids in her hair.  She looked INSANE.  I have no idea what my dad was thinking."


3. How long have you worked at @maeorganicbeauty? Can you share a little about the company, their ethos, and your favorite type of hair session? 

"I have worked at MAE for a little over a year now.  The salon is named after one of our owners, Amanda Mae.  She started an organic salon because of her battle with Lymphoma.  Our mission is to make our guests feel their best while only using the best.  I personally love lived in color.  It grows out beautifully so you don't have to do root touch ups every 4 weeks.  It is also very customizable which makes it unique to each client and gives me some creative freedom. And then of course wedding/prom/special event styling. The reason I got into the industry."


4. How did COVID affect you, your clients and the hairstyling industry overall? 

  "It was pretty hard.  It's difficult to explain how it felt.  For nearly three months, I had clients reaching out to me asking when we would be able to open back up. Which made me feel important and flattered on one end, but on the other made me feel responsible for them not getting what they wanted.  As a stylist, you want people to be happy with their hair and with you... and I felt like I was disappointing them.  But as we started to open back up and I was nervous for people to be upset with how everything was handled, I felt SO incredibly loved. And I think that was the case for the industry as a whole. All of a sudden we weren't just the people that did your hair. People respected us as artists and realized what we do is harder than they thought. Especially if they tried to color their hair at home! LOL."



5. How did you hear about Banded's H.A.I.R. program?  What drew you to join our team? 

"My lovely friend Amanda introduced me to the program.  She was so sweet to think of me. As for joining the team, I know how much Amanda has loved this job and the people she works with. I can already tell how well everyone uses their talents to better this brand."


6. For the session on "How to Style Velvet Ribbons", we chose to show different ways to style a velvet ribbon and holiday hair during quarantine.  What are some of your inspirations when styling hair for the holidays? 

"Right now I am really digging the loose look.  Curls are loose. Braids are loose. Buns are loose.  It's making it possible to embrace your inner lazy gal and I LOVE it."


7. Is there anything else you want us to know about you? 

"Not much more to tell I guess. Hair, Family, Fiance, and Cat. Those are my loves.  Can't wait to continue creating with you guys!"


Interested in joining the H.A.I.R. Program?

Email us at info@banded2gether.com for more information!