Why settle for one look when you could have Infinity? That’s why we love the Infinity Headwrap. This versatile, easy-to-wear wrap is the perfect addition to any outfit. From headband, to scarf (a la actress and style icon, Diane Keaton), or pairing with our new fall and winter wardrobe staple, the Panama Hat, Infinity Headwraps are our Banded stylists’ new favorite accessory. Below, see five ways to style this must-have piece with a short video from Hannah the Intern!

Ways to Wear

The Headband: Whether under or over your hair (as shown), the Infinity Headwrap can be as thick or thin as you want. Simply gather the fabric with both hands, adjust to your preferred thickness and place over your head.  

The Neck Scarf: Add a pop of color to a neutral shirt by styling your Infinity Headwrap as a neck scarf. We love this look with a scoop neck top for a more casual feel or paired with a button-up blouse for a sophisticated and polished look!

Repurpose as a Face Mask: Our Infinity Headwraps have soft and lightweight fabric that feels good against the skin! The longer length easily folds into 2 - 3 ply and stretches easily over the nose and mouth. See our Easy Face Mask DIY Using Infinity Headwrap Tutorial for more ways to use your Infinity Headwrap as a face mask!

The Twist: We love an outfit with a twist, and we bet you do too. The twist is a perfect way to style your Infinity Headwrap, especially for those “Bad hair days” - Perhaps you have always wanted to try this look but didn’t know how to get the twist just right. Below, we show you how to twist step-by-step.
Step 1: Fold your Infinity Headwrap in half so there are two layers.
Step 2: Place both of your hands through the fabric and hold taut with one hand closer to your body and the other away from your body.
Step 3: With the hand closer to your body, grab the top left corner of the Infinity Headwrap. Begin pulling the left corner down and twisting it underneath the bottom of the Infinity Headwrap.