In college I took an Asian Art History class and I was struck by the sheer beauty and power of Japanese art.  I am a nature lover, so it was incredible to see ancient artists’ interpretation of the simplicity and beauty of nature.  From the Great Wave of Kanagawa and the woodblock style to beautifully rendered gardens, nature is often depicted and much venerated.  When I took to designing for this collection, I wanted to acknowledge the traditions and reverence in which art was created in the Japanese culture, while still keeping the modern trends apparent in our color choices.

I love the balance of color and texture in the paintings of birds and flowers and we echoed this in our Tokyo Time scrunchie bandana. We went with some unexpected use of color and pattern. And who doesn’t love the beautiful silk tunics with cranes, a motif that symbolizes happiness and eternal youth! Ki wo tsukete! (Take care)

Maarika Mann

Creative Director