Welcome to a preview of our new Spring/Summer 2019 Collection, based on the distinct fashion & culture of 4 international cities: Jaipur, Havana, Tokyo, and Monte Carlo. The team put our hearts, souls and countless hours into the researching and building of these city-inspired collections and we would love to share some of our design journey with you. Over the next several days, we will share parts of our creative process through our blog and social media posts; We’ll start with where we get our ideas (from anything & anywhere!) and how we interpret all that inspiration into color, print, and product.  

So pack your bags & let’s explore….

Lisa Powers Struble

World Traveller, Master Packer, Design-Addict, and Owner of Banded

*personal pics from Monte Carlo

P.S. Did you know?  You make a difference.

You make the world a better place by being part of the Banded Family.  Every product you purchase provides 3 meals to kids in need!