During this time of uncertainty, we at BANDED are doing our civic duty and practicing social distancing to help #flattenthecurve of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With having to be home, we are facing a lot of serious information from the news and social media that can bog us down. As a proclaimed “social distancing pro,” I’ve made a list of at-home activities that can lift our spirits!



At home spa: You’re doing your community a favor by staying home - so treat yourself! Take advantage of the spare time you have and practice self-care. Grab a face mask, draw a bubble bath, and slip on your favorite BANDED spa set and relax. You deserve it!

Move your body: Exercise can improve your overall mood - which is important during this stressful time. You don’t need a gym or studio to stay active. Pop on your favorite BANDED athletic headband and go out for a run or walk.

Need something a little more structured? There are thousands of online resources to help you to get moving. Miss the accountability of a group fitness class? FaceTime your friends and do a workout together!

Tidy up: We obviously should be disinfecting our surroundings during this time, but since we’re already home - let’s tidy up.

Make a to-do list of chores or use the Marie Kondo method and eliminate things that no longer “spark joy.” The result of a clean house reduces unnecessary stress and fosters a calm environment.

 FaceTime / call your family + friends: We can still be connected while practicing social distancing. I currently live in Nashville but my family and friends live all over the country so FaceTime is my go-to when I want to connect.

Check up on your friends and go ahead and make plans to have brunch or drinks for when your favorite restaurant opens again. This will make you both have something to look forward to!


Passion projects: Putting a project on the back burner? Whether it’s refurbishing a piece of furniture, writing a short story, or planting a garden - use this opportunity to start it!


Binge on TV: With all the different streaming apps out there, this is the prime time to be a couch potato and binge watch new shows - or if you’re like me, watch reruns of The Office.

Journal: We currently are all dealing with the same problem - and it’s okay not to be okay. Journal your feelings. Set goals, make plans, and jot down what you're grateful for. For example - today I’m grateful for my job, my dogs, and toilet paper :)

Cook: If you can’t find the means to support your local restaurants right now, take this time to try an old family recipe or create something new of your own!


Take a scenic drive: Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to be trapped in your house. Take a drive around your city while listening to your favorite podcast or a new album.

Date night in: Are you and your significant other tired of another night of binge watching Netflix? Have a date night in! You don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy each other’s company.

Cook together or get takeout from your favorite local restaurant. Play a board game, do wine tasting at home, have a picnic and stargaze, get crafty together, or plan your next getaway - and don’t forget to set the mood by lighting a BANDED candle!

There is a bright side to social distancing - to decrease the spread of COVID-19 and to increase the safety of others. Take advantage of this time to do the things you’ve been putting off.

I hope you find these at-home activities uplifting and productive. Stay home, wash your hands, and be kind. We’re all in this together!

Your social distancing pro,