I am a movie buff, and I love watching princess movies with my daughters.  As homage to the “regular girl becomes princess story”, I pulled together stunning images of cliff side mansions, seaside resorts and gorgeous bougainvillea trailing down garden walls to set the scene.

We chose Monte Carlo for its perfect story book fame and I began researching the principality of Monaco with Grace Kelly in mind. Her story is the embodiment of modern elegance and old-world charm, but she also had a fun-loving spirit and that touch of casual American nonchalance that made her so appealing. Think yachting parties and chic beach vibes and you’ll have the sophistication needed to mix with classic prints and marine blues. Imagine zipping around the famous curves of Monaco in a little Porsche; having a silky scarf to hold your hair and a matching scrunchie on your wrist are must-have accessories for this fast-paced lifestyle.

Bon voyage, mes beaux amis!

Maarika Mann

Creative Director