You don't have to travel to West Egg to enjoy a great party this summer! Here's how to plan a roaring twenties party so grand that Gatsby himself might show up.

Attire: Fringe and Luxe 

There's no better way to host a Gatsby party than by dressing the part. This means fringe, beads, head pieces and of course feathers! Below are some of our favorite Gatsby inspired looks with links where to buy them. 


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 Decor: Gold Everything! 

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When it comes to decorating for a Gatsby party, the more gold the better! Start by purchasing table clothes in either black, gold or white and work your way up from there. Black napkins and black plates are perfect with a gold table cloth or if you decided on a black or white table cloth go for gold place settings and glassware.

Add centerpieces that make a statement without breaking the bank. All you'll need are clear vases and empty wine bottles, a combination of gold and black Christmas ornaments and large white feathers. click image for photo creditclick image for photo credit

An easy and delicious way to add glitz to your party is to fill bowls with gold wrapped candies like Rolos, Hershey's Nuggets and Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls and place them around your home. Don't forget about balloons as they are an easy way to quickly fill a space and make a bold statement. 

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Food: Decadent

Our favorites include a mix of finger foods, platters and sweet treats.


Platters are a great way to serve food without cooking! Try mixing meets, fruit and cheeses to add color, texture and taste. 

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 Finger foods like crostinis, deviled eggs and pigs in a blanket  are perfect because your guests can eat them without getting messy or needing silverware! 

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Following in the foot steps of our finger foods, finger desserts are ideal! Cake pops are excellent for a quick sweet treat that looks the part of a glamorous dessert. 

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Drinks: Pop the Bubbly

Nothing says Gatsby like over flowing bottles of champagne. Click on the below images for some other fun Gatsby inspired cocktail ideas! 

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