Bold, vibrant, fun...

When we began work on the Spring/Summer Collection, we wanted it to look different than any collection we’d done before.  We searched various locations looking for a place that felt like summer but had a depth and culture all it’s own.  We found Havana.  Inspiration came easy – palm trees, vintage cars, art and architecture.  The prints & patterns flowed freely from our creative team but we struggled with the colors  – too bright, too muted, too happy, too gritty.  We couldn’t get the balance “just right”.  But inspiration can come from anywhere at any time.  I was traveling with our sales manager Sara & we stopped at a restaurant for afternoon coffee and pie.  As soon as the plate was set on the table, I snapped a picture and sent it to the team, “These are the colors!!”   Check out our new Havana Collection including our stripes named (what else?) Key Lime Time.

Lisa Powers Struble

World Traveller, Master Packer, Design-Addict, and Owner of Banded