Designer’s Blog – The Elements FW19 Collection 


 As a designer and artist, I draw inspiration from nature. The beauty of the natural world is everywhere and abundant with rich color, pattern and texture.  For Fall/Winter 2019, we based our cool weather collection on the four elements:  Earth, Air, Water, Fire.  This guided our color choices, tone, texture, and mood throughout the creative process from concept and product design through the photo shoot. This collection celebrates the natural wonders all around, as well as the diversity of the natural beauties who wear our product.

Our accessories are scattered with prints that bring back personal travels from all over the globe -from hiking through Petra and the Rockies, to beach bonfires and cabins on the lake. For the shortened days and longer nights, we added reflective prints & piping.  We added soft velvet textures and hard, glittery gems & geodes. Our winter yarns were dyed to match the richness of an evergreen forest, the deep gold from maize, gray winter skies and white snowdrifts.



Earth:  Our pieces from the Earth’s garden share flora and fauna with warm, organic prints.  We mixed in stone and metal, fern and floral, and our “must have” Banded neutral, the snake charmer print.

Air:  Prints and colors take flight in Air; this element boasts blue skies, wind currents and gorgeous sunsets; nebulous, natural splendor to draw inspiration and radiance.  Blues, purples, pinks and pewter shift and energize our vertigo blues print; Velvet in the color of sunset clouds adds soft cirrus appeal. 

Water:  The element of Water ebbs deep and wide, with liquid colors in blues and greens.  These are fluid patterns reminiscent of tidal pools and water falls, sunlight rippling through waves and reaching to the shadowy, cool depths of the ocean. Riptide prints and cenote blue add cool transitional tones for fall. 

Fire:  We worked with the fiery hues and kinetic patterns of Fire, allowing the reds and molten metals to sizzle and spice up the line.  We used Fire colors that smolder, from embers to full-on flames in our Mountain Fire and Ember prints. 

Whether you’re a nature lover or just love to step out in style, look to the FW2019 Elements Collection for a natural splendor to fire up your fall wardrobe.  I hope you love the F/W Elements Collection; may it bring out your own natural beauty.

- Maarika Mann, Creative Director at Banded