My name is Lisa Powers Struble and I am the new owner of Banded. I have a family of three: Me, my husband Mark, and our beautiful daughter Cassie - who is a talented BossBabe in her own right! Until last year, we never lived near extended family so it’s always been just the three of us taking on the world!

I love accessories, especially pretty products that help tame my wild, unruly hair, and I love to support products and brands with purpose & mission. I know many BossBabes and love to see Women Empowering Women, Women Mentoring Younger Women, and Women Lifting Each Other Up -Every Day. We all need a little help, and sometimes a few words of encouragement can make all the difference in remembering we are worthy, valued, and ENOUGH just as we are. I want to be vocal and visible when encouraging others and this is also our hope for Banded. We want to celebrate each and every win of our Banded Community!

I am so excited to launch the Compliment Campaign and our upcoming Spring/Summer ’19 collections. We have an amazing team (of mostly women) creating gorgeous products that are stylish, functional and easy to wear. We hope you love everything as much as we do! Please share your photos & feedback - during the campaign and throughout the year -and watch for stories from our team to see how we are living Banded2Gether. It’s so easy to make a difference! To start, simply pay someone a compliment and tag your favorite BossBabe or other amazing woman in your life!

Thank you for making a difference,

Lisa Powers Struble

Owner, Banded


P.S. Did you know? You already make a difference.

You make the world a better place by being part of the Banded Family. Every product you purchase provides 3 meals to kids in need! What better way is there to help support a woman than by helping to feed her child? Together, we’ve provided 10.6 million meals and that’s empowering!