With wedding season well under way bridal showers are popping up every weekend. Unlike weddings, showers are typically more casual and provide an intimate setting to catch up with the bride and friends in an informal, joyful and sometimes comical (once the bridal shower games start) environment.  


Frequently Bridal Showers will have a theme to them, like a tea party, beach bonanza, or glamour chic. My shower last weekend was Luau themed in honor of our honeymoon being in Hawaii.

On a day where I knew I would be given so many gifts and showered with love and support, I wanted to find a way to give back to those who are less fortunate. I knew my hosts were planning to purchase Hawaiian themed accessories for my guests to wear and so I suggested we include Banded enchantment headbands to wear as flower crowns. 

As guests entered the shower they were welcomed with a lei and flower crown to help get in the luau spirit. We also purchased several tropical hair ties like the Hawaiian Tropics Ties and Glitter Bouquet Narrow Ties for guests to wear on their wrists and some other headband options such as Magenta Petals original headbands and Persian Pink Accelerate headbands as additional accessories. 



 As the bride I wore a gold hair tie bracelet with one of the Hawaiian Tropical Ties on it (I LOVE how you can mix and match the bracelets with any hair ties to make new styles). The hair tie bracelet distinguished my look from my guests while keeping all of us matching in overall style. 




I felt so proud watching my family and friends wear Banded products at my shower knowing that each product provides 3 meals for a child in need. In total, we provided 135 meals by purchasing Banded items that we needed for the shower anyways! The headbands and hair ties were a perfect way to give each guest a take home gift from my shower,  get them in the luau spirit during the event and make them feel great about helping me give back!