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Empowerment Candle

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Our Empowerment Candles are the perfect feel-good gift. Hand-poured by refugee women living in the United States, each candle provides the means for a brighter future for them and their families. The candles are made of a premium soy-coconut blend, vegan, and come in reusable and recyclable tins made in the USA. Each candle has an estimated 25 hour burn time and comes wrapped in a gift box that includes the name and story of the woman who poured your candle. 


Purchase individually or together to complete the Empowerment set. 

The Scents

Positive Candle: Infuse your day with positivity. Like a bite of soft, perfectly tart lemon cookies our Positive Empowerment candle is just the right blend of sweet and zesty. Long believed to enhance positivity, we’ve fused citrus with sugar to create an energizing candle that draws you in leaves you feeling refreshed.

Purposeful: Reconnect with your Purpose. Close your eyes, breathe in and let the aromas of our Purposeful Empowerment Candle transport you to a lush forest. Woods, moss, and greenery surround you. Breathe in the distinctively smooth aromas of sandalwood blended with refreshing Baltic oakmoss, a touch of amber musk and finished with sweet patachouli for a gentle and soothing scent.

Powerful Candle: Harness your power. Imagine yourself at a restaurant and the waiter comes over to grind fresh black pepper over your dish. The smells of the pepper awaken you as you indulge in culinary luxury. Stimulate your senses and take on the world with our Powerful Empowerment Candle. Known as the “finest flower of citrus” Bergamot carries a citrus fragrance with subtle bitter, fruity and spicy undertones. We’ve blended it with black pepper to create an energizing cocktail of refreshing citrus, with a spicy kick.

Proud Candle: Our Proud Empowerment Candle fuses unique fragrances grounded in the Earth that exude warmth, nourishment and healing to encourage self love. This dynamic candle brings you back to your roots with fragrant plant tones like citrus bergamot, geranium, sandalwood and eucalyptus warmed up by sweet amber.



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