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Little Lion - Sleepyhead™


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The Most Exciting Baby Gift of 2018!

Don’t Miss Out!

Hand-knit toy pacifier holder + board book; Book tells the story of a child growing up and giving up the paci but keeping his best friend; Reduce the trauma of baby’s first break up! Attaches to most pacifiers and can be attached to diaper bags, blanket edges, etc; 6 adorable animals -collect them all!


    • Attach easily to most pacifiers with loop
    • Remove loop when baby transitions out of pacifier use
    • Shape allows the Sleepyhead™ to stay on baby’s chest and doesn’t roll away
    • Help baby find their pacifier in the dark
    • Ultra Soft and Tactile 
    • Each Sleepyhead™ comes with a birthday and personality tag
    • Hand Crocheted
    • 100% Cotton
    • Hand-washable
    • Measure approximately 7”x5”
    • Made in China

    Sleepyheads™ Gift Book

    • The bedtime story is designed to help ease the difficult transition of giving up a pacifier when the time comes; assuring baby that their best friend is with them every step of the way.
    • The “My Best Friend” story is written by Children’s author, Courtney Allen
    • Full color illustrations by visual artist, Maarika Mann
    • 28 Full Color Glossy
    • Dimensions: 4" x 4"

    Sleepyheads™ Gift Set Includes:

    • 1 Sleepyhead TM   Pacifier Holder
    • 1 “My Best Friend” Gift Book
    • Pacifier not included 

    The BANDED Sleepyhead™ line is exclusively developed and designed by BANDED! One product purchased provides 3 meals for a child in need.

    Grandparents will want extras at their house, so COLLECT ALL SIX!

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