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Diamond Bandana Style Guide: Effortless Styling for You to Try!

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Diamond Bandana Style Guide: Effortless Styling for You to Try!

1. Around the Neck: Easily add color to any outfit with tying a Diamond Bandana around your neck. Style by wrapping the bandana loosely around the neck, either as a single or double wrap knot. Or for a little more flare, style with a loose bow tie!

 2. In Your Hair: The extra long and narrow cut makes it perfect for a hair scarf or simply tie it in a bow!

 3. As a Headwrap: Tie it, twist it, or use it as a Headwrap!

 4. With BANDED Accessories: You can change the entire vibe of a piece you already own by adding a Diamond Bandana to it! We love dressing up our Marseilles Market Tote and Straw Hats or Panama Hats with diamond bandanas because it allows for customized fashion that's changeable for each season (or day)! 




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