Banded is proud to support Youth Villages, a wonderful non-profit organization that helps children and youth who have been through significant trauma and crisis. Last week we were blessed with the opportunity to not only meet the girls living at Youth Villages but host a Banded2gether yoga class for them. 

Why we love Youth Villages: 

They empower families! Youth Village believes that when possible, children belong with their families and provide countless services to help families stay together and thrive. While in treatment many of Youth Village's patients live in residential centers where they can receive around the clock care and the services that they need while growing into strong, independent people.


Our Time at Wallace House: Positive, Purposeful, Powerful and Proud. 

Wallace House is one of the group homes that Youth Villages manages with up to eight young women between ages 12-17 living there. This is the home that we visited last week to spend time with the residents and lead them through a yoga class. 

 Some of the girls participated in our yoga sequence while others sat out or partially participated as they could. Everyone was at their one level and we were proud of each girl for whatever she was capable of that day. In these young girls who have been through so much we saw them shine in their own ways. It was truly special.

As we continue to volunteer with Youth Villages we can't wait to form deeper relationships with the girls and help enable their growth.These young girls are certainly making an impact on us as well. As we left Wallace House we couldn't help but feel more positive, purposeful, powerful and proud than when we came. 

To learn more about Youth Villages and how you can get involved visit them online here.