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Sleepyhead Testimonials

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"My girls loved them!! They’re in the “grab everything I see” stage and I think they love the sleepyheads more than they love their pacis. Which, I’m a huge stuffed animal lover and love that they love them so much. Also love that I can attach them to anything" 

-Mariana Arias, @doubledarlings


"I bought four Sleepyheads for  my granddaughters and they fell in love with them! The little crocheted toys are adorable and the four year old carries them with her everywhere, making up wonderful creative stories about them. She is particularly fond of the dear little lion! The little book is beautifully illustrated; both girls love the lovely pictures that depict each little animal's adventures with the darling little child. The book thoughtfully depicts the journey from baby to little toddler who no longer needs the paci, but still loves the little toy, his best friend! It is truly a charming gift"

- Charmian Perttu 

“All of your products are amazing. The rompers are wonderful not having any zippers or buttons and I love the stretchy material. The babies love their sleepyheads as they’re becoming more playful and can hold the animals.” 

-Shannon Tarkey, @boys_plus_triplets






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