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Style Guide- The Panama Hat Gets Personal: 6 Styles to Try For Customized Fashion

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The Panama Hat; It's Personal!

Stay warm and stylish this fall with our new Panama Hat. Dress it up or down, add color, patterns and texture all in under 15 seconds. With so many ways to make it your own, it sounds too good to be true, but it's not! Introducing the Panama Hat and our six favorite ways to custom style it. 


One: Add Adventure with a Diamond Bandana

Transform your hat with a Diamond Bandana. Just fold the bandana horizontally and tie around the brim of your hat.

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Two: Be Bold with a 1" Headband 

Make a bold statement by adding patterns and color to your hat with a one inch headband. Place the headband over the brim and you are ready to roll. 

Three: Subtle with A Skinny Headband 

Adding a Skinny Headband is a subtle way to bring additional color, patterns and texture to your Panama Hat. The Skinny Headband fits easily over the brim and lays flat.

Four: Add some Shine with Luxe 

Dress up your look with a luxe headband. Place it over your Panama Hat for instant sophistication and effortless style.

Five: Twist it Up with an Infinity Wrap 

Want an even thicker band than the one inch? Our Infinity Wraps are a perfect way to add color, texture and patterns to make a BOLD statement. Just place one over the brim of the hat and the fabric in around the brim to give a twisted look.  

Six: Twist it Under with a Twist Head Wrap 

Add style to your hat without putting anything on it! Our Twist Head Wraps come in a variety of fabrics and patterns to add an extra pop of color to your look. Simply place the head wrap over your head and put your Panama Hat on top.


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