At the heart of our company is the belief in banding together. It is the essence of everything we do, and what drives us to design. In our business and our lives we believe that being #Banded2gether allows us to achieve more. 


Over the past several months we have taken a deep dive into who we are. We realize that we've outgrown our original mission statement and it needed to be revised to meet the needs of the modern BANDED woman. This is a woman who is strong, confident, and capable. She is constantly on the go and relies on well-made products to transition with her throughout the day.


As we reflected on the business and our position to make an impact, empowering women has never felt more relevant or important. We are proud to roll out new products designed with purpose; to empower women to feel positive, purposeful, powerful and proud. 


Join us in the #Banded2gether movement 



The Banded Team